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Born, and raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn, V The Saint is certainly a different caliber of
rapper coming from this city. From rapping as apart of a group when he was 12, but never
took rap serious due to his outstanding athletic abilities, he played varsity football 4 years
from the ages 14 to 18. Playing college football, and even going to the NFL was a serious
passion, but things didn’t go that route. After playing for ASA junior college for a few
weeks, then transferring to Globe Institute,  that passion for football honestly wasn’t the
same. Wasn’t easy dealing with this outcome, suffering with depression and lack of
direction after football, his internal conflict forced him to relocate to Mobile, Alabama with
his brother for 2 years. The trip to the south went from a casual visit to clear his mind, to
his brother Titus, and his family inviting him to live there to possibly starting a long term
living situation in Alabama. With accepting the invitation, and his first experience buying
his first car, learning to drive, having his own apartment, things still manage to get tough
down south. Rap has always been therapeutic, an outlet for expression, and a genuine
passion for creativity, something about going back to the Big Apple seemed right. With the
decision to come back and give music 150 percent effort, V The Saint was created. 

V The Saint is a young man from the hood that’s finally ok with being truly who he is.
Positive, kind, righteous, helpful, loving, even thou he grew up surrounded by criminals,
and confusing, dark energy. V The Saint doesn’t want to fit in, but truly loves the culture of
hip hop. With the likes of J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake, V The Saint is too an artist
that is fearless and wants to show people that being yourself is the ONLY way. There can
never be another you. This is his purpose for creating music, to enlighten, and help with
direction mostly for young men going through what he has been through. 
V The Saint has a 3 years old daughter, that he also makes music for. “Most kids grow
up, looking up to rappers or singers, I want to show her and my future kids a different type
of artist. I want to create music my kids CAN listen to”. 
If given the chance to work with any artist, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, J. Cole, Lauren Hill pop
into mind for the young artist. “I would truly love to do records with each and every one of
them’’ while gaining as much knowledge as possible from them.  
V The Saint is talented because of the approach and effort in every song. It may look
easy or sound effortless, but every word is coming from his spirit. Every lyric is coming
from real life experiences, and he gives you his genuine perspective on every song. 
V The Saint’s music can touch souls, whether you like the music or not you can respect
every word said.  It’s real , it’s positive, and you can connect. 
From his story telling, his confident delivery and flow, to his feel good tone and energy,
you can not deny this young man’s talent and his hefty message. 
The trails and tribulations of a father, with witty lines and truth-filled bars, every song
littered with an honest, brash, and real account of what its like for a young black man in
these times to pursue his dreams.